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Position before you publicise

13 Jul, 2014

So often I see businesses trying to generate new leads through advertising before they have clearly defined their market position.

The result is that the advertising message is usually ambiguous, sometimes even anathema to the kind of culture and audience the business is trying to attract.

Publicising before positioning is commercially unwise. If businesses don’t have clarity in their message then the words and the visuals will keep changing, causing dilution of the brand, and often confusing the very people that they are trying to educate about their products and services.

Before you waste good money on advertising and promotions, make sure that you have gone through the process of clearly defining the attributes and values of your business brand. This includes identifying the mission/purpose, values and profile of the business, and the distinctive and distinguishing characteristics that sets it ...

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More to building a brand than having a logo

13 Jul, 2014

Businesses starting out often make the mistake of going straight to a graphic designer to get their business branding done. Or they’ll find the most economical means of getting a logo created through an online design agency.

The result is very hit and miss, and usually fraught with much frustration. A designer has a go at trying to develop an appropriate brand logo, when they don’t really know what the intrinsic elements of the business are. You might be one of the exceptional few and ‘get lucky’ but the result is usually a design that bears no congruence to the structure and strategy of the business.

There’s a huge difference between getting a logo designed and properly building a business brand.

Creating a logo =

Designing logo concepts Selection is subjectively based on conditioned ‘likes’ rather than objective data Logo is chosen

Creating a brand =

Discovery meetings to un ...
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